Okay Mommy, I Will Help You

Okay Mommy, I Will Help You


A unique perspective from a youth's point-of-view on how to deal with a parent's cancerdiagnosis. The author provides a candid, but inspiring message for kids who may be facedwith a similar circumstance. It's an extremely refreshing story that highlights the strengthand bravery of a young girl who has to tackle such a heavy burden head on! While thefocus is on the author's personal experience with her mother's cancer diagnosis, this bookcan be a source of guidance and comfort for children who have parents, grandparents,siblings, or any family member or friend who has been diagnosed with a serious illness......


"It's a touching, real life experience children's book. You will go through various stages of emotion with the author as she shares her personal story of strength when she finds out her mom has
breast cancer. Beautifully written from the eyes of a child! One of the best parts is the advice she
shares with others if they have to experience something similar. Highly recommended for personal
and educational purposes!" -Advanced Reader Quote

"It's a good look into the emotional toll on a child (seen and unseen.) It will give the reader a sense of "I'm not alone". The tips at the end, had me in tears. What a wonderful way to end the book. It empowers the reader with suggestions on how to feel helpful in a time that makes many feel powerless." --Advanced Reader Quote

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