Gracie and Gavin's Tips For Virtual School

Gracie and Gavin's Tips For Virtual School


Meet the fun-loving, best friend duo of Gracie & Gavin! No matter the challenge or situation, these two are up for the task, TOGETHER! Virtual learning was no exception. When in-school learning came to an abrupt end due to COVID 19, these two had to find a way to still stay connected to each other and still be successful in school. They put their heads together and came up with 12 rules, with the 12th being a part of the Gracie & Gavin All-Stars movement. 


We are so excited to announce the release of M.N.L's second book (author of Okay Mommy, I Will Help You Oh No! My Mom Has Breast Cancer!), Gracie & Gavin's Rules for Virtual School. 


Now, more than ever, kids need someone to look up to and something to encourage them. There's nothing better than this duo, who kids can relate to in so many ways. To be an All-Star, you need to memorize the 12th rule. Show you school's spirit and help us encourage a nation of students to rise to Gracie & Gavin's Challenge!




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Believe anything is possible.

Inspire the next generation.

Generate positivity.

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