You only get one!

As a parent you want to think that you are doing a good job with your kids. You try to set the right example for them to do the right things in life. My husband and I have been hard on our kids about manners, working hard, and knowing that mistakes happen so own them, apologize then learn from it. But any ounce of me thinking I was setting a good example was shot down when the teacher asked my son to identify his shapes. Well, the teacher showed him a cylinder and it was skinny but my son told his teacher it looked like his daddy’s beer. I have never met this woman and she thinks all we do is drink; and granted we may drink more often during this time, but still, there goes my good impression. I guess the silver lining is that I don’t have to make myself look nice in case they see in the background of the zoom meeting, I should just go all in and carry a bottle of fireball for the teachers to see!

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