Where Do We Go From Here?

I just turned 21 and I was super excited to finally celebrate with my close friends and party hard. Not that hard, but fairly hard. So, I decided to host my 21st birthday party filled with drinks, laughter, and endless amounts of fun. My guest list wasn’t huge for obvious reasons, but I still anticipated a great turnout and an unforgettable night. My guest list consisted of my roommates, my best friend from back home, and my immediate friend group of four.

Days before the party, my friends and I went to a nice fancy restaurant, where the food was Italian and so was the service. There, conversation stirred about the party that will take place during the weekend, except, we were all talking about two separate parties! My friend group had decided they’d be hosting their own pajama party, which they scheduled the same day as my own, unintentionally I hope. Shocked at the news, I was unsure of how to react. Now, I know miscommunication when I see it, but in this case, how two events could be planned on top of one another is beyond me. If my calculations are correct, a birthday trumps a pajama party any day, so canceling my party was out of the question. If they are really my friends, they’d cancel...right?

Just to be clear, I knew they were planning a pajama party, as I was invited and had bought matching pajama sets to go with the group, however a date was never set. I recall communicating with them on several occasions about the details for my party, yet somehow information must’ve slipped through the cracks. How? Ask them. One friend pitched the idea of combining, however it didn’t seem reasonable to me, given the nature of our parties. If the situation were reversed, without question I know I’d give up my pajama party, but how sure can I be that they would?

Before I knew it, the weekend was upon us, and still no word from anyone in my friend group. I set up decorations, food, and all the essentials for an amazing night ahead, then I went on social media and saw my friends prancing around in cute little... matching pajamas. Go figure. I think I always knew deep down they were still going to throw it despite what I wanted, but seeing it hurt a little more than expected.

My night continued on, and a few of my more respectable guests showed up bearing gifts and glasses. I knew I couldn’t let the night go to waste, so I enjoyed myself as planned and didn’t dwell on the actions of my so called, “friends”. My mom says not to let this ruin my friendships with them, but this level of betrayal is so hard to forgive. So I ask, what would you do?

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