Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block

I’ve been writing for almost a decade now and miraculously found a way to make it my career. This means that every so often I’m cursed with writer's block. If you aren’t familiar, it’s this burnt out feeling that you can’t shake; it’s not knowing when or if you will ever be able to write creatively again. Eventually it passes on it’s own, but if you’ve been waiting around for it to go away for too long I have some tips that always help me.

  1. Recognize what you’re dealing with. The worst thing you can do is deny that you’re experiencing a block. It will only lead to you sitting at your desk for hours looking at the blank Google doc you have open, trying to decide where to start. Just own the fact that this thing happens, and whatever you do: don’t panic.

  2. Take a break from writing and just live life. It seems really simple, but as writers we often forget that in order to create something you need to draw from real life experiences (most of the time.) Get out in nature, people watch, see your friends or family, or try to do something new. These things can all help to give you a creative refresher or at least reset your brain to get out of writing mode.

  3. Try to get creative in other ways! When I get this feeling, I often will try to explore other outlets. In addition to being a writer, I’m also a self-taught makeup artist so playing around with makeup for an hour or so really helps to get my creative juices flowing. You can also try: painting, listening to music, trying to DIY something, collaging, etc. It may seem like a waste of time, but usually during one of these activities I get a deep feeling of clarity and I’m able to start writing again.

I hope that these tips help any fellow writers or even artists out there! The biggest reminder I can give you when you feel like this, is to just breathe and remember that eventually your creativity will come back to you! With these tips and a positive mindset, you will be writing again in no time trying to remember what it ever felt like to be blocked.

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