Something in the water....

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Ever since COVID happened, we find it harder and harder to get some quiet time to just unwind and process that we are together ALL the time. So... getting out of the house is super important, and it's not always easy with my husbands’ hours so when he is home to help with the kids virtual learning I take full advantage of it!

So one day I wanted to drive around in peace, listen to music, even go into a store that I have not been into and just walk around and look. I left the house and was so excited; it felt like Christmas! I had no plans, and I could not wait to just wander and not have anybody ask me questions or say they needed a snack. I didn’t get far in my day when I saw my husband calling on my cell phone. I ignored it thinking he can take care of our kids just fine, but when he kept calling and my high schooler texted me to call dad, I knew something was wrong.

My first thought was a kid was sick or got hurt, as a mom you always worry that your kid gets hurt. So I called him back and it was way worse than I could have ever imagined. My husband told me that one of the younger kids had used the hall bathroom on the main floor and either didn’t notice or didn’t tell him that they had clogged the toilet and it had over flowed. I told him there’s no way I was going to clean it up and that he can do it. He told me it wasn’t that easy and to grab some bleach for the hardwood floors because it was 💩 water that was coming out of the bathroom into the hallway.

He turned the water off but still there was a lot of clean up that needed to be done all while the kids had school and trying to keep the cat paws from walking through it so it would stay off the carpet. So I ran into Target and got some floor cleaner, even though we had one I didn’t know what I was walking into and needed to be prepared. I got home and we got things back together and so far nobody has pinkeye, my house doesn’t smell and my floors are cleaned. Hopefully there isn’t any long term damage, but it sums up the year, 2020 has been 💩-y!!!

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