Self Care vs. Self Indulgence

Let’s be real, you’ve probably seen about a thousand Instagram posts about the importance of self care. While I’d love to applaud that many creators are discussing this topic, the phrase is simply overused and misinterpreted. The explore page is filled to the brim with photos of candles, bubble baths, and glasses of red wine; all beautiful of course, but it poses an important question. Is this self care or self indulgence? Let me break it down.

Both are incredibly vital to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being and are necessary components of a healthy life. But there is a clear distinction. Self care is literally just taking care of yourself. Eating, sleeping well, basic hygiene, exercise if that’s your vibe, and staying hydrated. Whereas self indulgence is what you see on Instagram, it’s treating yourself and indulging in any activity that you deem luxurious. It’s a simple clarification, but one that is key to learn. It can be actually harmful to get the two confused, especially if you’re young and wrapped up in social media culture.

If you get the two mixed up or you combine them into being the same thing, you could over-indulge yourself which can lead to a lack of motivation, lethargy, procrastination, or even an empty bank account. When you overindulge it takes the magic out of treating yourself, it becomes an everyday occurrence that you feel justified in doing because it’s what your favorite influencers told you to do. On the day to day it is so important to take care of yourself and make sure you’re doing well mentally and emotionally. But maybe save the red wine and Netflix marathon for Friday night.

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