Personal Challenges of Virtual Learning

Doing anything for yourself during virtual learning is nearly impossible. I can’t go to the store, doctor's appointments, or even clean my house without having one of the kids needing help. Well, I had to go to the doctor for what I thought was just a horrible pimple. Let’s be honest; the stress and Reese’s cups, gushers and dr. pepper could have affected my skin just as easily as my waistline. I had this massive spot on my cheek for a few months so I finally made an appt. to go to the doctor to get this thing hacked off. So having to leave the house means that my parents had to come and help. My mom is a retired teacher so she has the patience of a saint but her technology skills are not nearly as strong as my kindergartener’s. So, that meant my dad had to come over and make sure that everything with Zoom ran ok.

I went to the doctor and found out it’s not acne but an actual cyst on my face. The doctor told me I would need to see a dermatologist to see what it is, but if it needed to be removed, she suggested I see a plastic surgeon so they can do it with minimal scarring on my face. She explained to me in the meantime I should take these pills to make sure that the cyst won’t open and get an infection on my jaw as well as cream to help reduce the swelling. I get back to my car and no texts or phone calls so I am feeling good that my parents did well, so I can make these other appointments. I mean this year has been hard to keep myself looking human. There has never been a need to dress up, do my hair and makeup, or even watch what I ate for the bathing suit season. But it was time to start trying to take care of myself, as more news came out with a vaccine I needed to get my stuff together.

When I got home I had a plan to make the follow up appointments, but that did not go as planned. I walked through the door and my parents told me that they survived but it was awful. One kid forgot her lunch bunch and the other kid was excited to show my parents all the cool stuff with Zoom like the background changes and how he can unmute and talk to his teacher. Maybe I should mention that my parents looked like they had gone 12 rounds with Apollo’s Creed. So, I guess I will have to figure out these appointments with my virtual teaching duties. Thanks COVID...

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