Patience is a Virtue

The saying patience is a virtue is well-known, but was the person that first said that a mom 12 months into a pandemic?! Patience is something that everyone has different levels of and let me tell you… being a mom, your patience will be tested down to the very last ounce. Add a pandemic to the mix, spending 24/7 together, and having to teach your kids…well, I do not think I have much more to give!

Maybe I need to look inside myself at my own shortcomings. I might have set too high of a standard for my family. But, I am so over the little petty nonsense that is day to day life now. I find myself not even caring about the little things of them just “being kids,” but questioning why they are so loud when they play, why can't they stop running in the house or help me clean and maintain the chores, or why is school so darn hard with someone ends up in tears or mad everyday. As this goes on, I find that I can’t understand why people don’t just do what they need to do.

It seems so simple to me to get your work done but the minute my kids get upset or don’t focus I get so annoyed, which I am sure doesn’t help the situation. But as much as it is miserable for me, maybe I need to realize that it is just as miserable for everyone else and I should take a breath, have more patience, and give people a chance to learn from their mistakes. I would want a teacher or coach to do that for my kids, so why can’t I?

Moving forward, I am going to try and make this crappy, sucky, miserable situation better when my kids get upset and cry over something silly. I will try and send them to their rooms to calm down and then talk to them and work through the problem. I, myself, will take deep breaths, count, have patience and remind myself that it sucks for them as much as it does for me. They don’t want mom as their teacher anymore than I want to be. So, I am going to try, and I mean really try, because if I don’t I may just throw my hands up and quit, because this is the hardest thing I think I have ever done and I am struggling and need an end date soon!

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