Pandemic Puppies

I heard when COVID started that so many people were adopting pets and it was so nice to hear about all these animals having homes and a loving family. But speaking from experience, having a “pandemic puppy” is literally the worst thing ever. We got our puppy in February of 2020 and of course she was a typical puppy – full of energy, gets into everything and not potty trained; all things that I knew would happen and was mentally prepared to deal with. What I was not prepared to deal with was the world shutting down. So here I was, trying to figure out my kids virtual learning at the end of the year, my husband working from home, trying to figure out how we deal with a toilet paper shortage and then add to that, puppy classes for training and socialization. Life was so crazy and this momma fuse was short. My kids aren’t big enough to help take care of the puppy; they tried, but they just can’t do it all. Now a year later things are just starting to ease, but I don’t know if there will be anything out there for my dog now that she isn’t a puppy anymore. She is a very sweet dog, won’t bite and her tail wags, but she barks like crazy when someone comes to or close to our house. And my goodness, the bark is so high pitched; it’s like she knows that she has to be louder than the kids combined. If that person comes into the house and you make eye contact with her, she barks. The kids try to distract her by throwing every toy she has to get her to run away and that just adds to the hot mess we are. It’s embarrassing as things get better that we want to have outdoor fire pits and people over. When we take family walks around the neighborhood, the kids are riding their bikes as I am walking my four legged train wreck and she will choke herself out to go and dominate the other dogs in the neighborhood, like big dogs such as pit bulls. I also forgot to mention my dog is only 15 pounds so some of these dogs probably poop bigger than her. So, I do kinda like my dog and want nothing bad to happen to her... She is super cute and the kids love her so much so she is a part of the family, but she is a real pain in the you know what and just adds to my stress level and my plate as a new furry toddler. Cheers to all the momma’s living with pandemic puppies!

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