Older, But Not Wiser

Don’t you just love birthdays? I know I sure do, but do you ever actually feel older? Every year my birthday comes around, I don’t feel any older than I did the year before. I always expect this monumental change, yet my body feels and looks the same, and mentally I feel just like I always did. There is one exception though where you can actually feel the change in your age, and that’s when you turn 21. That’s right. Turning 21 is a huge deal, because helloooo?? You can legally drink alcohol, emphasis on legally.

See, I’ve recently hit this milestone in my life, and I can finally go to the liquor store and confidently buy a bottle of booze. It’s really exciting when you think about it, but it’s also extremely nerve wracking. Not because I’m actually the one buying the alcohol, but because I have absolutely no flippin’ clue what to get. Sure my friends have recommended some options and I know what my preferences are, but it’s still an overwhelming buying decision. I consider myself a careful buyer, but when it comes to alcohol, careful goes right out the window.

Here’s how my first visit to the liquor store went. I walked in with my chest held high and glanced at the first wall I came across. Looked it up and down, left and right, and then decided, I have no idea what the difference is in any of them, aside from the flavor options. For obvious reasons you can’t taste test liquor in the liquor store, but man would that have been the easier route. So, I did what I always do and based my decision off of packaging appearance and price. I found a bottle on a shelf that looked exciting and read, “Cruzan Rum”. It looked pretty enough and they offered a variety of fruit flavors.

Fairly content with my decision, I browsed around a bit more before a worker approached me to offer assistance. I showed him the bottle in my hand and he just shook his head. Now, I know what that means and I instinctively put the bottle back. He told me never to go with Cruzan and that the bottom shelf alcohol needed to be left on the bottom shelf. Didn’t know that. After showing me more appropriate options, I walked around to the vodka section and decided on a good ole Svedka bottle that was both mango and pineapple flavored.

Needless to say, I’m grateful for the assistance that day or else I would've made a very detrimental alcohol decision. I think I just like to try new things and see what happens...which doesn’t seem smart when factoring alcohol, but hey, you learn as you go. One day, I will have enough experience to make more suitable alcoholic purchases on my own, but until then, I’ll be looking for my buddy Mike at the liquor store, and hope he can suggest some next level options. I think I’m ready.

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