Mom Being Human

So, we are coming up on a year of COVID-19 and this new normal. Every time I think I have things in a groove, I get kicked in the you know what. I am trying to find the strength in this exhausted, foggy mind to smile and laugh and I have to say, my kids help me with that. As we are staying around each other more and more, the annoying habits that we fought about early on have become a joke in the house; the problem there lies that my kids forgot the memo that things stay in house. They have all noticed the things mommy must do so she can look like a human on zoom! Let me tell you, they have seen it all!

From my facemasks to help my skin, to the gel under eye patches for the dark circles, and the work out tummy wrap to sweat off the remnants of three c-sections. Over the past year, they have asked questions about what these things are and what they’re for. Well after the millionth time of the question asking I started to make a joke with my answers! For instance, my mask is to get rid of the little aliens that are living under my skin because they did not apply my makeup correctly yesterday…just things to make them laugh and go off on a crazy conversation. This also avoids them thinking that they need to think anything is wrong with their own appearance.

I have also started to whiten my teeth to again just make myself feel better. I did the whole ‘embrace the sweatpants’ in 2020, but now I want to feel better and present myself better. So for 30 minutes a day I put these trays in my mouth, which helps the look of my teeth and prevents me from snacking on junk food that I don’t really need. Well, my kids always ask why I do that for my teeth and I told them the real and honest truth! I do not want teeth that, when I smile, it looks like I have corn in my mouth because they are yellow and that some people look like that so make sure you brush. I was proud of myself for teaching my kids to take care of their teeth and went about my day; little did I know that my kids have no filter, and it would backfire on me.

A few days later I had my trays in and came downstairs to do some things and the dog needed to go outside…ugh!!! So, I got her leash on when one of my kids wanted to come with me outside to hold the leash so I said “sure, come on.” My dog is only a year old so if a leaf moves, she gets distracted; so we were out there longer than I wanted and someone walked by with their own dogs. They said good morning and waved, I waved and did a head nod since I clearly couldn’t talk and my kid says “Hi…my mom can’t talk, she has to make sure her teeth stop looking like yellow corn” I gave the dirtiest look to my child and the person just laughed and said “no worries, have a great day”. We came back inside and once my 30 minutes were up and the trays came out, I had to talk to my child about shouting things to strangers and how we don’t do that. She said “ok” and went on her way not even phased. I was left thinking to myself, I am glad I am doing all of this to make myself feel better to then have my small child kick me when I am down! Kids…gotta love them and laugh when they keep life interesting.

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