Keeping Stuff

So as a family of 5, we have so much stuff in our house and I try to go through it every few months. I want my kids to see that they can donate to kids that are less fortunate and can get rid of the broken toys and crap that isn’t needed. I am not one that connects to things emotionally for the most part. There are some things I do, but most things I just can’t connect with. However, my Mom is the complete opposite. We got into a heated discussion about keeping things, and I was torn about feeling bad and not wanting to hurt her feelings. My great-grandmother passed away about 8 years ago and all of the great grandchildren got one of her dining room chairs. I have held onto this chair and as my house has changed and the kids have gone through different stages, the chair has been moved around and the last few years it has been in storage with the holiday bins down in the basement. So we were doing our spring cleaning and I mentioned to my mom that I was going to donate stuff that just sat in an unfinished room. I tried to explain to her that I don’t look at chairs, stuffed animals, and clothes and remember loved ones. I have their photos, jewelry that I will save for my kids, certain home accents from when she went to Egypt, or things that she made for my kids. To me, having just one dining room chair that doesn’t match my set or a stuffed animal she got me when I was 5 just seems silly to keep and I can’t connect with that. But she was not understanding and I think she was sad that I didn’t want to keep this stuff, which in turn, made me feel bad. It was this internal battle I had with myself for a few days. So my question is how do you know what can leave the house and make room for your ever-growing and ever-changing family and what do you hold on to? Do you keep it because you want to or because you feel like you have to?

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