I Worked from Home for an Entire Year

The pandemic has not been too kind to us, obviously. So many people lost their jobs or were sent home to continue working from there. While keeping your job was definitely a privilege this past year, it did come with certain challenges (obviously losing your job is much more detrimental.) For me, I was still going to school but with only a few classes left in my degree so I was working from home the majority of my time. As someone that has a hard time focusing in general, this was super difficult to get used to. I hardly left my apartment, except for groceries, and a few errands here and there. I felt confined, unproductive, and overall frustrated at least until I found my groove.

The biggest help during this year has been moving my desk to a place in my apartment that allows me to shut out any distractions. Currently, my desk is facing a window in my dining room which has been a surprisingly wonderful place to work. I’m not facing anything that could remind me of not working, like my living room or bedroom. This placement is also wonderful because I get to look outside or feel the sunlight on my face, and on especially good days I can open it and feel the nice breeze. After working here for an entire year, that’s my biggest tip to anyone who is forced to work strictly from home. Face a window! It genuinely helps me feel less icky about never leaving my apartment. I’ve also created rituals for my mornings before work and I always give myself something to look forward to after work which helps keep me going. Making my coffee, eating a little something, and getting a nice stretch in are all such simple tasks that help me feel much more ready for my day. After work things like watching my favorite movie, cooking a nice dinner, or having a little happy hour with my roommate all make me more motivated to work harder so I can treat myself later. Overall, working from home has been an experience that has taught me a lot about myself and my work ethic. If I can push through and work every single day from home with no one to hold me accountable, I feel like transitioning to in-person work eventually will feel so much easier. I now know that being able to successfully work from home is a skill, one that I feel like I’m mastering every day and will continue to over the next year as I begin my new job after graduation.

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