I've Really Missed Nature

This past Sunday I got to do something I honestly don’t get to do very often, get out in nature. I live in a city currently, so while being in nature seems simplistic it’s truly an indulgence. My roommate and I decided to trek out to a trail in our area called Belle Isle and hike for around three hours. I felt like I was in another world. Everyday I am surrounded by big buildings and concrete sidewalks, being able to hear the rushing rapids and sunbathe on a rock was absolutely a dream. We climbed on giant boulders and our boots crunched over twigs with such delight. We realized when we finally got to a flat rock in the middle of the James River, just how much we’ve been missing in the city. Trust me, I’m a city girl at heart and probably won’t move to anywhere remote or rural but sometimes I forget what real nature actually feels like. I forget that I love adventure and exploring and getting sun on my face while the birds sing around me. Those things bring out my inner child and make her genuinely smile more than she has in quite a while. Every hour and long mile was worth it. As we headed back into the city, I remember asking if we could do this again soon. The words just jumped out of my mouth, I was so excited to go back and we had just gotten in the car. I was parched beyond belief with a partial sunburn, and none of it mattered. My eyes grew hazy as we drove back, and I remember not wanting the feeling to fade. I didn’t want to head back to my current reality, but like all good things the day had come to an end. So now I’m writing about it, maybe because it brings me some of that joy that I had on Sunday. Regardless of why I’m writing about it, the takeaway here is that nothing is too small to bring you happiness and positivity. Including the simplicities of the world, like real trees that have been there for decades and a beautiful sixty-degree breeze.

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