Healthy As I'll Never Be

I struggle with eating healthy. Raise your hand if that’s you... I see you. Now you may be thinking it’s not hard to eat healthy, but let me tell you. It’s a struggle. And not because I just LOVE eating junk food (which is true), but because everything is so darn expensive. I hate to break it to you, Bambi, but this college girl’s budget can no longer support your organic diet. Bambi is my guinea pig, if this is your first time tuning in, and let me tell you- she has no problem eating healthy...

I remember it so clearly...the tag read $2.10 for one bunch of organic celery sticks, and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to blink three times and squint just to make sure I wasn’t losing my eyesight. I’ve never put food back so fast before. Such nonsense. I could easily buy the regular bunch for $1.51 (a whole $0.59 difference), and I’m willing to bet it wouldn’t taste all that different. Bambi can’t tell and even if she could, her lifespan’s only 5 years anyway.

But seriously, I need to do better. That means prioritizing my healthy diet instead of my Nestle Toll House addiction. I figured fruit was a good place to start, so I went to good ole Harris Teeter with the purest of intentions and beelined for the produce section. I looked around for about two minutes before I realized with prices like that, I could buy twice as much junk food. At this realization, I stepped aside and let the healthy people behind me get what they’ve been eyeing the whole time I was in the way.

My mom always says I’ll end up overweight if I don’t knock my eating habits. Ha. I know she means well, but whenever I get a lecture from her, I always feel the need to point out her hidden stash of golden Oreo cookies behind the sofa. Needless to say, my whole family has the same problem. I’d probably say I’m the worst out of the bunch, but what can I say, vegetables don’t excite me. I’ve been drinking more water though, and that’s a good thing; less sodium and carbonation. I still don’t drink as much as I should, but baby steps are okay.

I’m telling you, eating healthy is hard. It’s been my New Year’s Resolution every year, and I still can’t make it stick. I know one day I’ll have to deal with the consequences, and probably end up navigating through cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and a number of other health problems. At least for right now I still have my youth. It’s safe to say you’re either agreeing with me or judging me, and I’m fine with either. To be honest though, I want to eat healthier; I really do, but that might have to be a New Year’s Resolution for 2022.

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