Going Back To School

So in the state where I live, schools are opening up for a few days a week for the parents and the kids that want to go. As exciting as this was for my family (because I don’t want to be their teacher any more than they want me to be their teacher), it was also kind of sad. When my daughters started school a few years ago, there were tears, but it was such an exciting milestone. We picked out the outfit and talked about how we could style their hair. I told them the night before how much fun it would be, they would meet so many new kids to play with and learn all kinds of new stuff. They would have a huge playground to run around on and swing high, and get to eat lunch in a cafeteria with tons of kids of all ages. After we got over the first day nerves, they fell in love with school. They made friends to play with outside, sat next to them to eat lunch, and sat on the reading carpet to look at the books the teachers had on the shelves.

This year, the first day of school for my last little one was way different. The fears were not about meeting new kids because he would be confined to his desk. The fear was can he sit in his desk and wear the mask all day and not touch the glass that is in front of his desk. I was so sad that this is how his first year of school would start; no cafeteria, no playground, no reading carpet. He seems to be doing just fine and his teachers are amazing, trying their best to make this school year as great as possible even with all the restrictions. I still feel so sad for all the kids around the world that are in different grades and hitting different milestones having to deal with this. I hope that the vaccine means that next year has a lot more normalcy in it for the kids.

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