Get To Know Intern Britt!

First blog here we go.

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything that didn’t need to be 12 point font, double spaced, and in Times New Roman. Feels like I’m doing it wrong. But wrong never felt so right! As of this moment, I’m eating noodles while listening to the smooth voice of James Arthur. I figured now is a better time than any to say welcome. Welcome to a page to read the words I will write.

It’s time I introduce myself. My name is Brittney, but my friends call me Britt. I normally don’t let strangers call me that, but I accept your friendship proposal, so feel free to use it. I’m just a college student trying to learn how to start my life off right and make it to my career dreams. Then 2020 hit. Suddenly, career dreams seemed to be the least of my problems as a pandemic marched its way up our doorstep. 100% sure you know what I’m talking about. The sad part is, we don’t know when it’s ending. Just that we’re forced to carry on our everyday activities and hope we’re not next. It’s that bad. Given all the technology we’re currently obsessed with, they’ve found ways around the virus to still make us attend class...yay. That’s not all that’s happened in 2020, noooo. There’s been craziness in all aspects of our lives, just name one. Racism? Got it. Politics? Got it. It’s man vs. man vs. society vs. nature. There have been protests, violence, sickness, and many it blows my mind everyday. But we can’t let that darken our spirits. Hobbies, lean on it; if you have faith, lean on it; loved ones, lean on them. Everyone’s got to find some inner peace you know; ways of coping with it, because let’s face it, the whole country’s grieving in a world where there’s no time to. The air is just filled with grief and uncertainty. I hardly remember what real people’s faces look like anymore. In my memories, everyone has a mask on. Man it feels as though we’re entering a new era. So many futuristic movies hint that a new era is upon us, and that may be what is happening now. All I know is that I better not find Caesar leading a pack of apes across my street.

Enough of that, trust me, I’m a pretty positive person. I manage to be the most positive I can be, while being a realist, so you know, there’s a line. Interesting things about me are that I consider myself an environmentalist. I care about the environment, sometimes more than people; people can make their choices, whereas animals and plants After coming to terms with how I feel on the matter, I’ve given up beef and bought a pet. Her name is Bambi and she’s a guinea pig, nature’s combination of a hamster and a pig (and boy does she eat like one). Everyday I have to feed her pellets, vegetables, and much hay. Fun fact: hay is 75% of a guinea pig’s diet. And yes, I have to go to the produce section and buy fresh veggies every 1-2 weeks so she can have a variety, or so they recommend. I’m not a big vegetable person, but I feel healthy just buying them for her. She’s lucky to have me; I buy organic.

Look at the time, this has officially been a 3 minute read, and I’m sure the average attention span only lasts a few seconds. Hopefully you made it through this without your eyes burning out. Definitely come back for more, though. I’m like the gift that keeps on giving.

Peace and Love - Britt

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