"Embrace The Suck"

If that doesn’t sum up 2020 I don’t know what will. But this is something that my husband and I have been saying since we had kids. It just lets us know that things are terrible and they do suck but we have to go through them in life. This became so true when I became a mom. During my pregnancy, everyone had advice and stories on what you should do to prepare for the baby coming. I was overwhelmed with what these little humans needed and everything was so expensive. But you want to get the best things out there to keep them safe even if it is so much money...soo I began embracing the suck.

Of course lets get the $260 video monitor so that we can see the temperature of the room, talk to the baby, and hear their breathing. But the truth is, all of us grew up and never had any of that stuff, but doesn’t matter if you can afford it or not; that is just what you do. Then, as your prepping to have the baby they talk to you about saving the umbilical cord. Talk about expensive! It’s a one-time fee then a yearly fee until your kid is 18. It comes out to about 4 grand in the end. My boss at the time paid some for my first kid, but then having more after that, we couldn’t not save it for our other children so we embraced the suck. We paid for the others even if we didn’t want to but I could see them throwing it in our faces later that we didn’t pay for them.

Our running joke of a saying (embrace the suck), just really became something we would say to each other to get through any situation: the phases of the kids teething, transitioning from bottle to sippy cup, taking the binky away, etc. Speaking of sucking (no pun intended), taking the binky away was the worst thing ever. When we took her binky away, she literally didn’t know how to sleep without it. It felt like it took forever for her to fall asleep without it, but after two nights we were still dealing with it. My husband was not about embracing the suck and had to sleep in the basement with headphones, so mommy embraced that suck for a few nights. That saying has always stayed with us even as the kids have gotten bigger and things have changed. We joke about that now when it comes to kids activities, friends birthday parties, or even family functions. We have always said that to each other and now to our older kids when they are complaining about something that really isn’t that serious. Life has taught me that things are hard but sometimes you have to “embrace the suck” and go through them. Since I became a mom it has shown me that time and time again. We just have to embrace it, and yes complain about it, but know you have to put your big girl panties on and just do it; knowing that it will eventually end!


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