Becoming a Morning Person

So, I’m not what you would call a morning person. In fact, I was (and still am sometimes) the kind of person who will stay up until four in the morning while being in the middle of a late-night Google deep-dive. I’ll promise myself that this will be the last time, and then roll out of bed at noon the next day which only perpetuates the cycle. And it’s aggravating, because while I cherish the night time it’s not great for me. I hate missing out on the day time, the sunshine, and the lovely sound of a morning dove. Not to mention, it actually is much better for my mental health to be awake during the day. So I decided very recently to start waking up early, or at least my version of early. Which means I’ve also decided to start adopting a morning routine, and I want to share it just in case we have any other night owls reading this who want to change their ways.

It all starts with the night before. As a recovering night owl, it was hard to resist the urge to stay awake and relish in all that the Internet has to offer. To combat this, I knew I was going to have to make my night time as relaxing as possible. I shower earlier now, make myself tea, listen to relaxing music, and I actually have to fantasize about how nice it’ll feel to be in my bed dozing off. Once I’ve successfully done that, it’s all about setting my alarm to the most realistic time I will be able to get up. Right now that’s eight-thirty; setting your alarm too early will only lead to hitting the snooze button and prolonging your wake-up.

So, let’s say I’ve successfully done all of that and woken up to my alarm. Now, I have to make my morning worth it enough to stay out of bed. I always, always, always make my bed the first thing in the morning. Not only will it help me to stay awake and not mess up my bed, but it’s also a small accomplishment that helps me to start feeling productive. Then, I need to do what I call my “big three” which means: I put my contacts in, I brush my teeth, and I do my skincare routine. This always makes me feel instantly alive, clean, and ready to conquer the day. After that I go get my iced coffee that I pre-make the night before (I cannot do hot coffee whatsoever) and try to eat a refreshing breakfast. I’m not much of a morning-eater so the lighter the breakfast the better, which is usually granola and some sort of citrus. I’ve been really into grapefruit recently! I highly recommend, if you aren’t a morning person, to choose foods that are going to make you feel more energized rather than ones that will make you feel sleepy and weighed down.

Once I’ve done all of that, I let myself have about an hour to just enjoy the morning. I open a window, bask in the beautiful natural light in my apartment, and listen to my favorite tunes. Having a morning routine that I love doing makes me feel so much better about waking up early, which in turn inspires me to keep doing it. So I want to call on all of my night owls to try this and see how you feel. If you try it out be sure to send us a DM on Instagram (@verkallosmedia) letting us know how it went, or tag us in a photo of you enjoying your new routine!

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