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A Walk Down Memory Lane

For some reason the last few weeks have been a walk down memory lane for me, and boy have I been feeling the nostalgia! I don’t know what has caused all of this, but I have a few ideas. Maybe it’s watching some of my favorite Halloween movies on Disney Plus- I mean who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown?! Perhaps, it’s the fact that my parents have sold the place that I called home for the last 22 years. I am not really sure, but it is probably a combination of all of these things. Some things that have come to mind over the last few weeks are:

  • Disney Plus- Disney Plus provides me with a blast to the past every time I open it, the old movies and shows are an easy way to bring back some great childhood memories.

  • Dunkaroos- I mean come on, who didn’t love this snack?! Sorry kids of 2020, you sure are missing out.

  • Heelys- I never owned a pair of Heelys sneakers, but plenty of my friends did and today I saw a kid, maybe 8 years old wearing a pair- I didn’t even know that they still made these!

  • Flip Phones- I was teaching a lecture this past week about the Diffusion of Innovations and I brought up flip phones and then realized that many of my students have probably only ever had smartphones…

  • Utz Cheese Balls- While we were at the grocery store this past week, my fiancé and I both had a moment reminiscing about our memories of Utz Cheese Balls

  • Skip It- Do you remember this thing?! I was a total champ at it, but when I tried it again when helping my parents clean out their garage a few years ago and I just about fell on my face, oh how our talents change over time. 

  • Cosmic Brownies and Zebra Cakes- My fiancé and I were talking about trading snacks in the lunchroom as kids and Cosmic Brownies and Zebra Cakes were where it was at.

  • BoomBox- I remember thinking that my blue boombox was the COOLEST thing ever (until I got an iPod of course)!

  • The Big Blue House that I Grew Up In- All of the memories with my sisters and my parents, the pets we had, the games we played. These are all heartwarming memories that I will continue to cherish. 

  • Dial Up Internet- I made the reference in a meeting last week that my computer was functioning slower than dial up internet. 

What are some of your favorite things to remember as you walk down memory lane?

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