A Lesson on the Importance of a Hobby

Hi, my name is Gracie! I’ve been in love with all things vintage and quaint since I was a child. I would often accompany my mother to the salon, where her stylist first showed me the beauty and glamor that was the cover of a 70s Vogue magazine. In this particular issue there was a woman sporting daisies in her hair and Twiggy-esque lashes. I was absolutely enthralled by how ethereal she looked even after almost 40 years of fading that the magazine had endured. My love began in the salon, but has of course extended into all branches of my life as I’ve grown older. From feathered hair to avocado colored interior design, I’ve tried it all and put my own twist on it. Naturally, this led to my own personal revival of roller skating. Nothing brought me more child-like joy than unboxing my very own pair of skates a couple of months ago. It wasn’t just the fact that I truly felt like I was entering a new era of cultivating my style, it gave me an excuse to get outside, get moving, and had actually gotten me excited about doing so. It taught me that the time you spend not working is also incredibly valuable. This was a lesson I had yet to learn, I always felt selfish for not utilizing every hour of my day being productive, even when I was too burnt out or exhausted to focus. Overall, it helped instill this confidence I’d been lacking for some time and at the very least plastered a wide smile across my face which is something I think we can all be grateful for after the year we’ve had.

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